Greater Victoria Professional Players
Includes Affiliated and Independent Baseball

The following is a list of Victoria baseball players that have signed a professional contract at some point in their career. The list is formed by contributions from the baseball community.

Bill Walker,
Wally Russell,
Reg Clarkson,
Berlyn Hodges,
Bill Prior,
Randy Holt,
Roy Moretti,
Bob Burrows,
Mike Finlayson,
Steve Wilson,
Jeff Hurford,
Steve Hodges,
Cal Russell,
Marty Hall,
Trevor Standlund,
Steve Sinclair,
Mike House,
Steve Haggard,
Chris Mears,
Steven Lowe,
Rich Harden,
Vince Perkins,
Mike Saunders,
Dustin Snadberg,
Kyle Orr,
Morgan Brinson,
Brandon Kaye,
John Margaritas,
Graham Mann,
Craig Kilshaw,
Curtis Pelletier,
Sean Murphy,
Henry Mabee,
Graham Campbell,
Charlie Strandlund,
Carson Vitale,
Dan Welch,
Jesse Hodges,
Nick Pivetta,
Kurt Horne

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